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Collaborate. Create.

Join our professional social media platform, promote your business & build new exciting opportunities.

Create Free Ads.

Expand your network.

Connect with professionals.

Plus tons of free useful features.

Get the most out of Yurlinked®

We have developed a groundbreaking professional social media platform designed to elevate your business or side hustle taking your networking experience to new heights! 🚀 

Introducing Yurlinked® Classified Ads 🎯

Showcase your business or services with our dedicated social business directory. Professionals can explore and connect with businesses that align with their needs, fostering collaboration and growth.

Our complimentary yet robust classified ad directory is seamlessly integrated into our professional social platform, ensuring that relevant opportunities are always at your fingertips.


Join vibrant communities within your industry to engage in discussions, share insights, and stay updated on the latest trends and offers.

Create events on our professional social media platform

Unlock the potential of your event by publishing it on our social media platform, where it can captivate a broad audience, fostering excitement and participation.

Create free ads on our business directory classified ads

Create Free Ads

Creating free ads on our platform is your gateway to widespread visibility, providing an effective and budget-friendly way to showcase your offerings to a diverse and engaged audience.

Design online courses for free on Yurlinked

Design Courses

Embark on the journey of designing online courses with our platform, where you can seamlessly create compelling educational content, fostering a dynamic learning environment for your audience worldwide.

Generate polls to ask members the opinions

Generate Polls

nitiate insightful conversations by generating online polls on our platform, empowering you to gather valuable feedback, engage your audience, and make informed decisions with ease.

Built for Professionals, by Professionals.

We are a revolutionary professional social media platform that serves as the ultimate growth engine for businesses. Yurlinked® is crafted to be the driving force behind business success, providing a dynamic virtual space where enterprises connect, collaborate, and flourish. Tailored for entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies, Yurlinked® offers an array of powerful tools for networking, brand amplification, and strategic partnerships.


File Sharing

New Partnerships

Download the app on iOS & Android

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Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Our platform seamlessly integrates a range of features, including a free business directory, collaborative groups, dedicated spaces feature for networking and discussion, enriching courses, captivating gaming experiences, personalised astrology insights, and engaging polls.

These are just a few of the exciting features Yurlinked® has to offer.

Join or create online groups
Post to our newsfeed
Online messaging services
Post or search for jobs
Read or create discussions on Yurlinked social media
Play online games with Yurlinked social media
Create or join exciting new spaces on Yurlinked
Create online events on our social media platform Yurlinked

What Our Users Say...

“I'm blown away on how much yurlinked has helped my business. It's really simple and easy to use! I'm telling everyone about it”

Bryan Chalice,

“I have to say yurlinked is a great way to connect with other businesses and it has some really cool features like the business listings. Highly recommended platform”

Nicola Dobbs, Ultimate Skin

“Unlike other social media platforms, I find yurlinked is particularly great at keeping the tone professional. I especially like the spaces feature”

Maria Parks,
Hayes Valley

Get Ready to Maximise Your Business or Side Hustle With Our New Social Media Platform!

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